Last Call

Bunter und schöner als erwartet war die Weltpremiere des Filmes LAST CALL am 22.Oktober 2015 auf dem Berliner Pornfilmfestival.

A film by katybit & 23

The Story:

A woman drinks alone at the bar. After a while she is un expectedly welcomed into the underworld of her fantasies. This world is nothing that she has known before in her life.We are following her on a deep trip into sexual desires and vivid imagination. She enters a sex party with many different people.This world seems dark but feels like a heaven of sexual pleasure. Come in and have a look, whispering the host of the party.

The genre of the movie is a mix of art house movie, erotic and porn. The story is about loneliness and different kinds of sexual pleasure.The movie is part of a feminist porn project. The aim was to bring film and porn back to the cinema in a kinky and feminist way.






Behind The Scenes Fotos by Alexa Vachon